City People’s Committee has just issued Decision 2416 allowing the establishment of Hai Phong Logistics Association. The Association is a socio-professional organization, operating under the Charter approved by the Chairman of the City People’s Committee, subject to the state management of the Department of Industry and Trade and other state management agencies when having related activities. .
The Association has legal status, is allowed to use its own seal and to open an account in accordance with regulations, to ensure its own funding and operating conditions in accordance with the provisions of law.
The Association is responsible for organizing the General Meeting, approving the Charter, electing the Board of Directors, the Inspection Committee and completing the procedures to submit to the Chairman of the City People’s Committee for approval according to regulations.
The establishment of Hai Phong Logistics Association is an important turning point for the city’s Logistics development strategy, meeting the legitimate aspirations of members operating in the field of Logistics services in the city for the purpose of integrating cooperate, associate, support and help each other in developing industries, improving business performance, in line with the common development trend, contributing to realizing the goal of turning Hai Phong into a Logistics service center of national and international level.
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